Hello! I’m Amy Anci, mom of two, health coach and exercise physiologist turned passionate educator.

I teach wellness without deprivation, and believe that every one of us has the power to create exactly what you desire.  

I educate girls and women to be healthy, strong, and fit through fitness, sports, nutrition, education and leadership. I talk a lot about fitness and health for your mind and body, and also about the benefits of eating whole food nutrition. 

This website is dedicated to showing you tips, and effective hacks for going from tired, uninspired, and exhausted to becoming a girl who glows from the inside out.  This is a guide for better health and happiness. Because living and eating healthy shouldn't be difficult.  


About Me


Amy Anci is a leading fitness and health expert who is deeply committed to improving lives through health and wellness. The mom of two competitive young athletes, and a former division 1 athlete herself, Amy is passionate about sports nutrition and injury prevention.  A graduate of Northeastern University in Exercise Science and a Masters Degree from Columbia University in Physical Education, Amy has a solid foundation in not only how the body works but also the pedagogy of teaching exercise and wellness coaching. Amy's twenty-five plus years of working in the field of personal training, coaching, and education has helped pave the way for her to create an amazing on-line wellness community.  Amy is an entrepreneur on a mission to help people live healthy and abundant lives.  With love and deep respect, Amy will inspire you to take charge of your health by owning your stuff and help you to stop making bad excuses so you can create a successful and happy life.